Restaurant 1882

Restaurant 1882, located in the cellar of Maykop Brewery, built in the 18th century, takes a unique place with it history and mysteries. It has an ancient interior that looks different from other restaurants, café and bars.

Park your car in the center of Maykop (2 Gogolya St.), come a few steps down to an ancient cellar and you will find yourself in one of the most stylish places of the capital of Adygeya.

Naturally, unfiltered, live and freshly brewed beer contributes to the high class of the restaurant. Here, you dont just drink beer, you enjoy it. Everything favors for an agreeable pastime.

Restaurant-breweries often give accent to German or Czech origin in their interior. Restaurant 1882 is not an exception with its theme beer interior. Our waiters spot traditional Bavarian attires. There are heavy wood tables and chairs, walls and columns made of stones. Enter into the spirit of a classic beer restaurant where one doesnt only eat and drink but relaxes the mind.

Its time to proceed to the menu of the beer restaurant 1882. As befits a beer restaurant, the first page is devoted to our own beer, Maykopskoe. What can we tell about light unfiltered live 11% beer Maykopskoe Chestnoe? Its difficult to talk about beer. Give it a try yourself.

There is a wine list in the beer restaurant 1882 and a good choice of vodka, whisky, martini and cognac.

There is a wide range of alcoholic cocktails. They will definitely suit the tastes of your pretty female companions. Real men come to a beer restaurant to have some beer and a little bit of vodka and cognac to warm-up.

Hors-d'oeuvres? We have a wide choice. Naturally, we offer a fish, meat and cheese beer plates. Home-made pickles. The menu offers side dishes, desserts, juices and coffee.

Private parties

Restaurant 1882 accepts orders for private parties in Maykop. A private party in our restaurant is the best way to celebrate any occasion. Do you want it to be unforgettable? Do you want a wedding celebration in a cozy atmosphere? Do you want a jubilee or other event to give pleasure to both guests and hero of the fete? Visit our restaurant. We offer a high standard of a private party organization whether it is a birthday party, wedding celebration, jubilee or a corporate event.

Birthday parties

Birthday is a great event as one can gather friends and enjoy a pleasant communication. We believe that every birthday is something special and only you decide what kind of celebration it will be. Whether it will be a quiet family dinner or a big party with a lot of entertainment. We kindly offer different options of a birthday celebration and will take care of all organizational issues.

Corporate event

1882 offers organization of corporate events in Maykop for 100 people, corporate parties, shows, company birthdays, concerts and team-building events. Our goal is to make the event unforgettable and enjoyable. Thus, the organization of your event should be trusted with professionals. Corporate events are currently one of the most important aspects of the development of a modern company. The very corporate celebrations will unite the employees, reveal a leader and inspire your team.

Romantic dinners and business meetings

Restaurant "1882" is located in the heart of Maykop. It is a great place for a romantic date or a business dinner. The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant is suitable for both.

Wedding celebration

Wedding celebration is a ceremony consisting of traditional competitions, gifts, distribution of pancakes and dances. All this requires a wide space. Almost all restaurants offer a daily live music and they have a stage. The stage will allow your guests observing the unfolding action and taking active part in it.

Wedding celebration at a restaurant is a lot of merriment, happiness and memorable adventures of a bridesmaid and best man. Unique competitions, bride-kidnapping, dynamic master of ceremony who will create an atmosphere of a fete. If you are looking for a party venue in Maykop, restaurant 1882 is an ideal choice. It is a beautiful and elegant restaurant located in the heart of Maykop. A hall for 100 people and a VIP-hall for 12 people, original design, highly professional cooks and waiters will create a pleasant atmosphere of fabulous fete. The staff of the restaurant will offer professional service to you and your guests. Cozy home atmosphere and attentive personnel will make time spent with us memorable and you will definitely want to come back once more!

Location: 2 Gogolya St., Maykop

Booking: 8 (8772) 57-08-20.